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The NGS songbook


Sing loud, sing proud

The Hell’s Hymnal contains many of the songs and chants sung during the game.

We typically have sheets to distribute at all Detroit City FC matches, but if you’d like to print your own, you can do so at the download link below.

Download your Hell’s Hymnal here.

Love the Earth, Hate Oh*o

For folks who are a little more environmentally conscious, you can download the Guardbook app, which includes all of the songs and chants (and a lot more).

Download the Guardbook here.

How to fold your Hell’s Hymnal

Step-by-step folding instructions

What you’ll need:

  1. Your hymnal.
  2. Scissors.
  3. A drink (we recommend a Stroh’s or Faygo Rock & Rye)

Step 1

Holding the paper with the long side at the top, fold the hymnal along the center, vertical seam.

Step 2

Cut the paper along the center seam through the middle two columns (there should be a line along the seam to guide you).

Step 3

Unfold the paper, and re-fold it along the center, horizontal seam.

Step 4

Fold the right-most panel over so that you can now see the page with four and five alongside the cover.

Step 5

Flip the paper over and repeat step 5 on the back.

Step 6

Holding the hymnal up, grab the paper along the center, vertical fold to pull the front and back of the book apart. You should now see the cover and back of the book side-by-side.

Step 7

Fold the book along the spine between the cover and back.


You’ve now folded your hymnal!