Find your place in NGS


Supporters of Detroit City Football Club can be found everywhere.

If you would like to start a chapter in your town, please let us know.

Northern Guard Supporters

The original, the faithful of Detroit City

Twitter: @NGSDetroit

NGS 517

Northern Guard Supporters in the Lansing, Michigan area

Twitter: @NGS517Lansing

NGS Flint Outpost

Northern Guard Supporters in Flint, Michigan


DCFC Washington Embassy

Northern Guard Supporters in our nation’s capital

Facebook: DCFC Washington Embassy

Informal sub-groups within NGS

We’re all members of the Guard, but there are groups within NGS that you’re welcome to hang with. There’s no membership requirements, as with anything else, if you want to join in, you’re in!

Rouge Rovers

DCFC Traveling Support

The Rouge Rovers follow City on the road and make ourselves at home no matter where we are.

NGS Cares

Northern Guard Community Action

We feel that it’s just as important to support our community as it is to support our club. The members of NGS Cares find ways to help our community through volunteer and charitable efforts. For more information on NGS Cares, visit

NGS Skull Sisters

The women of NGS.

NGS Gray Skulls

The elderly of Detroit City

The gray skulls are the older (in mind and/or spirit) of the guard.