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Obviously, things are very much not normal right now. With the cancellation of the spring season, and the summer/fall seasons still being figured out, shit is crazy. But through it all, we have a club and a community to support.

As you know, all profits from our merch sales go to support our smoke/tifo/banner funds (with additional donations to local organizations, at various degrees, throughout the year.) The money we take in goes directly back to supporting our club and community.

As you may also know, all match day alcohol sales @ Keyworth go to support Detroit City FC’s DetroitPAL program. We literally drink for the kids. And because we’re so good at drinking, thousands of dollars go to DetroitPAL and support youth soccer in Detroit every DCFC season.

Here’s the problem: No matches mean no match day alcohol sales … which means no money going to Detroit City FC’s DetroitPAL program. That sucks.

“What are you gonna do about it, NGS?

Here you go:

Moving forward, ALL profits from merch sales on will be donated to Detroit City FC’s program.

We know this won’t cover the amount brought in from alcohol sales (you HEATHENS) but it’s a start.

We have also updated our site so that any direct donations to our smoke fund (including the option to add on a donation to your cart) will go towards our donations to Detroit City FC’s program.

We’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support for our club over the past hours/days/weeks/months. And we also know that times are tough for so many. If you are able, your support will help to benefit an incredibly important program in our community.

We’ll be dropping some new merch over the next few days. Keep your eyes out, and please continue to stay safe & healthy.



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