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Supporters who give a fuck

Support doesn’t stop at the stadium gates

Supporting Detroit City Football Club means more than coming out showing up on match day; it means we supporting the communities that have welcomed us with open arms. That’s why Northern Guard Supporters (NGS) is committed to causes and initiatives that champion our communities and those living in them.

Our Mission

The Northern Guard Supporters Community Involvement (NGSCI) mobilizes NGS to volunteer their time and resources and donate resources to champion the communities that Detroit City Football Club calls home: Detroit and Hamtramck. NGSCI supports existing organizations and initiatives focused on community & environment, social services, civil & human rights, and youth development & education.

Our impact areas

Civil & Human Rights

As long as someone loves DCFC, they are welcome in NGS, regardless of their personal identities. All people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and initiatives and organizations working to protect the civil and human rights of all Detroit and Hamtramck residents are crucial. Our focus includes:

  • – Immigrant & refugee services
  • – LGBTQ+ support & inclusion initiatives
  • – Anti-violence initiatives
  • – Racial equity initiatives

Youth Development & Education

Youth are the future of DCFC, NGS, our communities, and our country. Providing opportunities for the growth, development, and support of young people is vital for our collective future and prosperity. Our focus includes:

  • – Youth athletics
  • – Education
  • – Youth empowerment
  • – Anti-bullying initiatives

Community & Environment

Healthy and thriving communities are vital in Detroit and Hamtramck. The continued well-being and sustainability of communities and the environment benefit both our present and our future. Our focus includes:

  • – Community cleanup efforts
  • – Clean water access
  • – Food accessibility
  • – Animal welfare

Social Services

Providing for the basic needs of people is a key factor in the community. Ensuring the health and well-being of Detroit and Hamtramck residents leads to more opportunities for prosperity, education, and community development. Our focus includes:

  • – Women’s services
  • – Special Olympics
  • – Transportation access

Get Involved

Want to get involved, contact the Northern Guard:

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