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We're about more than soccer and shouting

It’s about soccer, and so much more

The men and women of Detroit City may not play year round, but our support for our club, and our community, never stops. For us, it’s all about DCFC, and so much more.

Whether you want to help on match day, with artistic projects like tifo and banners, or in our community outreach endeavors, there are plenty of opportunities to help out.


The amazing atmosphere created by the Northern Guard Supporters doesn’t happen on its own, and requires a lot of help every match day from supporters like you. So whether you can help at every match, or just every once in a while, we need your assistance.

Match day tasks typically include the following:

Setting up the supporters section before the match

– Hanging banners and smoke buckets
– Setting up capo stands
– Distributing Hell’s Hymnals
– Distributing and carrying flags


Clearing the supporters section after the match

– Taking down banners and smoke buckets
– Clearing garbage and recyclables
– Collecting and stowing flags
– Getting involved with Match Day setup is easy, please reach out using our contact form below for more information on how to sign up.


Help with NGS merch

– Setting up and taking down the NGS merch stands at Fowling and Keyworth Stadium
– Helping to sell merch before DCFC matches
– Assisting with packing and mailing online orders

To get involved or get more information about joining the merch team, please send us a message. Click here to reach out.


There’s so much more to DCFC match day than Tetris and swearing! If you want to help make Keyworth stadium the most intimidating (for opponents) and fun (for City supporters) experience in American soccer, there are plenty of opportunities.

If you can keep a beat and own a drum, (those two things don’t always go hand-in-hand), reach out to us about joining the NGS drum section. The Northern Guard drummers meet at Fowling before each match to help lead the march through the streets of Hamtramck to the stadium gate. From there, they help keep the supporters section on beat for the full 90 minutes (and beyond).

If you’ve got no rhythm, or no drum, there may be a spot for you on the NGS Grenadiers smoke team, helping to pop the smoke during the match.

Your enjoyment of, and participation in, the match day experience isn’t limited to what we’ve described. Many people choose to get involved simply by being the most enthusiastic person in their section, waving a flag, or standing on the fence line and ensuring that opposing players know how terrible they are. The DCFC match day is great because you make it great.

To get involved or get more information about joining the drum line, please send us a message. Click here to reach out.


* All ages and artistic talent levels welcome

Every flag, banner and large tifo display is lovingly hand-painted by members of the Northern Guard Supporters. Whether you’re a professional artist or amateur stick-figure drawer, you can help!

One of the best ways to get to know your fellow supporters outside of the chaos of match day is to help paint tifo. Everyone is needed and encouraged to come help!

The NGS tifo crew starts working on their large displays months before the season starts and is only able to pull these amazing projects off because of the selflessness and talent of our supporters.

We are also always looking for new ideas for flags and banners. Do you have an idea and don’t know exactly how to pull it off? Get in touch and we can help!

For more information, check out our tifo page at

To get involved or get more information about tifo, please send us a message. Click here to reach out.


NGS Cares is the community involvement wing of the Northern Guard Supporters. Our aim is to assist in communities like Detroit and Hamtramck that have been so welcoming to us and our club.

Our areas of focus run the gamut from civil and human rights to environmental causes to youth development.

We have events year-round with all kinds of community organizations, so there are plenty of opportunities to help out. Additionally, we are always looking for new ways to help out, so if you have ideas, please share.

You can find more information about NGS Cares by visiting the NGS Cares page at

To get involved or get more information about NGS Cares, please send us a message. Click here to reach out.