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Smoke Donation

We score, we shout, and then we smoke you out

Money burning a hole in your pocket?

With four teams playing this year we’ve got more games than we can count. We put the most brilliant minds in the Northern Guard on the problem and they estimate that  we’re going to score between 10 and 34 goals per game. That means that, scientifically speaking, we’re going to need a metric fuck-ton of smoke to make it through this year.

Every dime we make off of merch from the NGS shop goes to things like banners, tifo and most importantly smoke. We are lighting our money on fire, and if you’ve got a few extra bucks laying around, we’d be happy to light that on fire, too.

So below you can find the donation form for the NGS smoke fund if you can, and help us celebrate our love for Detroit City Football Club the way know best.

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